Join us and get involved.

Not an ordinary supporters organisation :  

YIST - The Yellows Independent Supporters Trust

 A supporters organisation with its roots dating back to 1993.

Run by fans for fans. This will always be your organisation. 

Independent. Only fans get a say in how we operate. 

Self financing. You dont even have to "join" just register with Twitter, our Facebook page and our forum to get involved. No cost to you. We welcome donations however to keep this site going. Liquid donations to the committee in the bar are also equally welcomed.

We are not a supporters club......I repeat we are not a supporters club. Got that? Good. Go elsewhere if you want that. We do. 

We are however an organisation for you to be heard, to join in with and to keep up to date with all fan news, gossip, banter and anything interesting and perhaps sometimes not (!) that a follower of WTFC may want. We also arrange the odd social days out which infrequenlty involves visiting pubs, beaches and occassionaly cultural artefacts. We are if nothing a varied bunch. 

We are supporters. We follow and support WTFC, home and away, rain or shine, garbage hoofing football or Brazil-esque pass and move. We are not a protest organisation, faction, splinter group, spliters (Life of Brian copyright acknowledged) and are #alwaysyellow.